Project Description
DanSharp XmlViewier is a lightweight XPath generation and testing tool. It also allows for validation of Xml documents against schemas, display of Xml documents in tree-view format, and generation of BizUnit test cases. It is developed in C# and uses the .NET Xml classes.


The current release is v1.01 - the only bug fix from v1.00 is a fix when long file names cause the application to display an error upon startup (and therefore for the application to never start unless the config file is deleted).

DanSharp XmlViewer and source code is now available on CodePlex!
Version 2.0 is now being written - major changes are .NET 4.0/WPF and support for BizUnit 4.x, see the discussions page for more information.

Suggestion/Feature Requests/Comments
Please update the discussions page with any feature requests/comments you have.

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