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Project Description
DanSharp XmlViewer is a lightweight XPath generation and testing tool, making it easy to generate and test XPath queries.
It also allows for validation of Xml documents against schemas, display of Xml documents in tree-view format, and generation of BizUnit test cases.
It is developed in C# and uses the .NET Xml classes.


There are three tasks I perform quite regularly when doing XML or BizTalk development:

  1. Building and testing the XPath needed to retrieve a value from a given request/response document
  2. Validating a document against a schema
  3. Generating BizUnit tests cases (from an Xml instance doc, creating XPath statements to validate for all the data in the document)

This tool does all three of these things.

Although there are good tools on the market for doing 1. and 2. (e.g. Altova XmlSpy and Stylus Studio) most of them require installation and are not free. 
And none of them generate BizUnit Test Cases!

I wanted a single EXE which would do the most common tasks for me.

Also note that Visual Studio will give you the XPath for an element/attribute in an Xsd, but not an Xml document.
And although you can validate an Xml document in Visual Studio, it's a hassle each time you want to change the Xml document used (right click schema, choose properties, change Input Instance Filename, cick OK, right click schema, choose Validate Instance).

Having a scratch pad to play with XPath queries has been very useful, and is the original reason I wrote this.
But generating BizUnit Test Cases has so far been the most useful... if you use the REG file provided, you can even right-click an Xml file to generate a BizUnit TestCase for it.

There is a command line version supplied as well, so if you need to generate a lot of BizUnit Test Cases, you can do so in a batch file/script.

The utility is written as a single EXE, with no additional files needed (other than .NET 2.0) and it doesn't need to be installed.
I have a copy on my USB key and I run it from there.

The current release is v1.01 - the only bug fix from v1.00 is a fix when long file names cause the application to display an error upon startup (and therefore for the application to never start unless the config file is deleted).

DanSharp XmlViewer and source code is now available on CodePlex!
Version 2.0 is now being written - major changes are .NET 4.0/WPF and support for BizUnit 4.x, see the discussions page for more information.

Suggestion/Feature Requests/Comments
Please update the discussions page with any feature requests/comments you have.

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